An excerpt from the text:

His red jeep was parked at the edge of the road overlooking the forested cliff that scampered down to the bay. The sun hung low in the magenta sky. My first day of college was a month away and my best friend’s step-dad, Scott, seemed to be the only one who shared my enthusiasm.
“It’s gonna blow your mind,” he said. “New York. Man. I’m so jealous. It’s gonna change your life.”
He winked at me as he set his Corona in the cup holder and dug out his cigarettes and a stash of weed. I sipped my beer and nudged the other four still in the cardboard six-pack on the floor with an antsy foot.
“I know,” I said. “I can’t wait to get away from my fucking parents.”
He rolled down his window and emptied the tobacco from a Marlboro red onto the pavement outside. Removing the filter, he set about making a pathetic joint with the cigarette paper, dropping tiny green pinches into the white tube.
“It’s gonna be crazy,” he told me. “You’re gonna meet all kinds of people. And there are gonna be so many drugs.”
His fingers paused mid-twist and he stared right at me. His muscular body was tense; his blue eyes traded their usual jovial light for a moment of sincerity.
“Try them all,” he said. “Cocaine, acid… Man, acid is so fun.”
He laughed, his head of dark hair tilted back and his eyes lost in a distant memory.
“Heroin,” he continued. “Heroin is the best feeling in the world. Better than sex. You gotta try it. But don’t ever shoot it – that’s like signing a death sentence. Smoke it.”

Mushroom sex is more about fusion than anything - codependence on steroids, if you will. There are no recognizable male and female structures like you would find in the plant or animal kingdoms. When two cells of opposite mating types find themselves in close enough proximity long enough, they fuse. The two nuclei fuse and then divide, usually into four spores, continuing on the reproductive process. However, if compatible, the two nuclei can coexist in the same cell for weeks or months before fusing and continuing the process of sexual reproduction.
Friendship is usually limited to persons of the same generation because it is formed on a basis of proximity and similarity. To maintain a close relationship, there must be a good feeling inspired by most interactions. I went to Scott’s studio whenever I needed a friend because I could walk there from work and he was always happy to see me.
According to psychologists, human intimacy is based on individuals’ willingness to reveal their fears, fantasies, and dreams to each other. It is rare that two people are comfortable sharing themselves so completely. People typically find this intimacy easier in the context of a friendship than in a marriage. It’s a closeness people crave, but often don’t feel safe and secure enough to achieve. Booze and weed helped. But also, we had nothing to lose.
No, I never fucked Scott. I wasn’t dating him either. We just had mushroom sex. Two nuclei in the same cell for a couple months, coexisting, codependent, feeding off each other’s shit, but no genitalia, no heavy breathing, no orgasms.